5+1 useful console functions

console.time() and console.timeEnd();

For further explanation check these:

Check free space

df -h
du -ch --max-depth=2

How to kick off a responsive design

Reading…reading…reading – strongly advised to read Tim Kadlec’s book about implementing responsive design. Here are some basic keynotes which might give you and idea how you can build your own workflow:

  1. Understanding the content and focusing on the business aims,
  2. Prototyping on paper using “post it”,
  3. Building wire frames and proof of concepts in a digital way (using online or desktop prototyping tools),
  4. Making the design,
  5. Implementing the design:
    • preparing the assets – slicing etc.,
    • making grids or fluid layouts – skeleton,
    • analyzing the media: get adaptive image and video solution,
    • building up CSS3 media queries etc.
  6. Cross device and browser testing,
  7. Bug fixing.

Very important to understand the fact that is making responsive and really highly device ready site is a hard team work. Team work between developers, designers and testers.

Checking space before PHP tag

grep -n -o -R \ \<\?php * |grep :1:

Few Drupal modules might be considered to follow





Last child workaround – IE

Instead of using buggy 3rd party JS selector libraries I’ve decided use the following workaround (implemented in jQuery):

$(function() {
 $("#content .innerContent:last-child").addClass("lastChild");

Now you can reach from CSS using the lastChild class.


Selectvizr is a really solid library to polyfill CSS3 selectors.


Some useful readings

I have decided to do some project with MongoDB, NodeJS and HTML5. It will be a very interesting entertainment based startup.

I would like to share my personal readings on the topics above.

Here comes:

HTML5 interactive demos

HTML5 data-*

HTML5 reading local files

Javascript DI

Object to primitive conversion in javascript

Javascript garden

NodeJS beginner guide

Mongoose ODM

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